Sui Park

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
SuiTable, Monofilament, 2013
SuiTable II, Cable Zip Ties, 2013
Urban Shell, Monofilament, 2011
Journey, Monofilament, 2010
Memories, Monofilament, 2010
Artist's Statement

My work involves creating a 3-dimensional flexible organic form of a comfortable ambiance that is yet dynamic and possibly mystical or illusionary. It is an abstract representation of objects or concepts that recreates our surroundings. It can be interpreted in various ways including landscapes, living organisms, social ideas or values, anything that we accept as given that they exist. Through my work, I try to create an opportunity for audiences to see, think and most of all feel our surroundings from various perspectives.


Sui Park received a Bronze Award in ‘2013-2014 A’ Design Award’ in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category with her design ‘SuiTable’. She also received a Bronze Award in ‘2005 Chung-Ju International Biennale’ in Fiber Art category with her embroidery work ‘A Rest’. She opened her solo exhibitions at Gateway gallery in Baltimore in 2010 and at Gallery Artside in Korea in 2004. She participated over 25 group exhibitions, including a recent exhibition ‘Talk-Body’ at Gelman Gallery in Providence, RI in 2013. Sui Park was born in Seoul, Korea and came to the U.S in 2006. She has two Master degrees from Interior Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, and Fiber Art at Ewha Womans University in Korea. She has a BFA in Environmental Design from Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently, Sui Park works as an artist and an Interior architect in Brooklyn, NY and participates at Brooklyn Art Space Residency Program.