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steve powers

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
credit. enamel on aluminum 61cm square
Bless Me enamel on aluminum 61cm square
Thirsty (Thursday) from the "8 Day Week" series. Enamel on aluminum. 122cm square
Mother. Spray Enamel on plexiglass. 122 cm sq.
HOLD TIGHT, IF YOU WERE HERE. Painted walls from the LOVE LETTER project, West Philadelphia 2009
Artist's Statement

As an artist I am a service provider. I believe art should be useful, delivering a tangible benefit to the viewer and the world we share. My paintings work from life, usually depicting the emotions that make us feel so alone. In identifying them I confront them and offer a strategy in dealing with them. I distill them to their visual essence with humor, and when I can muster it, grace. I use public art is a way to deliver similar goods to a large group of people at the same time --to effect a communal experience in the community.


Stephen Powers has shown at Deitch Projects, The 49th Venice Bienalle, and The Luggage Store in San Francisco. In 2003, He founded the Dreamland Artist Club and partnered with Creative Time to commission over 45 artists to paint signs and rides in Coney Island. As a 2008 Fulbright Scholar, Powers painted a love story in the streets of Dublin and Belfast. in 2009 he returned to his hometown with a grant from The Pew Center For Arts and Heritage and painted a love letter across 50 walls in Philadelphia. He lives and works in Manhattan.