Steve Butcher

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work (ICON) pigments and 23Kgold on wood panel, 24"x24"
work (ICON) pigments and 23Kgold on wood panel, 24"x24"
work (ICON) pigments and 23Kgold on wood panel, 24"x24"
work (ICON) pigments and house paint on wood panel, 24"x24"
work (ICON) pigments on canvas, 30"x32"
Artist's Statement

work landscape - ICONS

On noticing the amount of discarded work gloves around the neighborhood, I was drawn to the pattern of the rubber grip pads on the palms. Selected details provide the basis to the pieces, rendered in flat tonal dots on a white ground. The result is a gently undulating and folded field of dots that lead the observer’s gaze into three dimensional depth. My use of traditional materials that include panel painting with 23K gold leaf, parallel the visual language of religious icons while met by the aesthetic of Modernism. The literal subtext of the worship of the work-ethic lies just below the surface.
The viewer may choose which way to hang the painting - just like a glove on the ground, there is no right way up. This intervention alters the way the gold reflects the light and the viewer’s perception of the piece.


A lifelong interest in the history of art, combined with a fascination for the inherent value found in ephemera and the mundane, provides the platform for my work, where I explore the relationship between artwork and the viewer. The use of traditional painting materials reflects my appreciation of the hands-on approach to making art. The fundamental qualities of painting, along with the pictorial vocabulary used, provide an immediate familiarity and the means to convey a new conceptual viewpoint that elevates everyday mainstream iconography to a higher aesthetic. These are quiet understated pieces. They don’t scream for attention but work on different levels, from face value to the subtle adjusting of the viewer’s interaction with the artwork.