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Stephanie Medina

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Gouache paint on 18 x 24in cardboard. This is specific to my lineage and culture influences. Called the face of diversity.
24 x 36in oil on canvas. Venus is a painting of myself. To find love in the changed body post children.
9.5 x 8.5 sharpie on toned paper.
12 x 18in 400series assorted tint paper pastel and sharpie. Social media beauty.
12 x 18in 400 series assorted tint paper. Pastels, sharpie and gold pen. Indian culture influences my likes.
Artist's Statement

My art is to create unity of differences. To enjoy the diversity of people of different cultures and social medias. To bring awareness to the general populace of how we are not just one thing. We are all connected and I want my work to show my love for a that makes us unique. Coming from a diverse country (USA) my parents are from the Dominican Republic. My self Identity was always put to the test when I was younger with people trying to make me pick a side. Black or white. Once hey realized I spoke Spanish, they chose my place in society. However my ancestors is so diverse that I could never accept one place. My great grandmother was Half Japanese, and my other great grands were Spaniard/Jewish, French /African and Taino. So my art is a reflection of who I am and how I want the world to see me.


I am an art student about to graduate with my associates and transfer for my bachelors. I'm a mom of 4 kids and I am 26 years old as of yesterday. I've had a very difficult life from child abuse to almost being kidnapped a few times, near death experience, bad marriage and love of my children. I'd say I knew I wanted to be an artist since i was a child but I was afraid to pursue it because it is so difficult to make it in this field. So far I've been commissioned a few times to do portraits and I hope I can go further not just for myself but for my children. I want to be an inspiration for them to never give up.