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Stephanie Homa

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Artist's Statement

communicating my view of what the world is and who we are does not work through words for me, at least not very well.
The image is the only language I fully understand - where my eye is my ear and my hands become my voice when I work.
With the means of swift and often automatic works I aim to explore an endless and rigid thing that spooks me with its insignificance, lightness and disappearance carrying the simple title 'reality'
Accordingly I feel driven by a rather basic instinct or desire and not thinking too much, I spread the paint and let it run down, leaving traces that are random and yet controlled.
In the course of my practice the paint transforms into a visual copy of a thought, like a photograph of the mind, revealing emotions and ideas that are neither right nor wrong, mean everything and nothing and at the end create a fraction of the whole, like a missing piece to complete a puzzle.


stephanie homa was born in east germany in 1981
after graduating from the school of art berlin in 2008 she moved to london where she lives and works as an artist, currently artist in residence at the lucky gallery in Brooklyn, Red Hook.
Homa's often large-scale paintings display a vibrant colour palette of acrylic, oil and spray paint exploring matters of identificationt and reality, reflecting the personal rebellion of a wild and sloppy mind.