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Stefano Canto

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Installation, catadioptric material, night vision.
Installation, catadioptric material.
Untitled, Canvas refractive.
Untitled, Canvas refractive.
T1. Collage. Printer and eco-solvent ink on adehesive paper, cut on a plotter.
Artist's Statement

My artistic research is focused on the semantic of the object and architecture, involving the relationship between natural environment, urban space and human interaction. My works often deal with sociological issues, questioning the natural sciences and the history.
My particularly interested in an urban science phenomenon known as «sprawl» or «spread city» which sees the uncontrolled development of metropolitan area to the detriment of the surrounding territory.


I'm a italian artist, architect and designer based in Rome. I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Rome University and I started to work as artist and designer for Artwo Studio since 2004 (
My works have been exhibited in many art galleries, institutions and museums such as: the MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome; the MAXXI, Museum of XXI century; CORPO 6 gallery in Berlin; the Museum of the Design of Milan; the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Spoleto; the Museum of Marble of Carrara; the Wison Art Center and SUPEC of Shanghai.