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Stacy Scibelli

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Leather kiss machine.
Hand holding machine.
Smile machine.
Documentation of performance with steel armour hoods and pears.
Two person leather tickle machine.
Artist's Statement

My work signifies a longing to elicit communal awareness. I am interested in the threshold of comfort - recognizing where it originates and what happens when it is sacrificed and no longer exists. I aim to accentuate awkwardness. I am bringing people together so that they can realize that they are apart. Closeness reveals separation by exemplifying our vulnerability and exposing the prominence of what we refuse to expose. Vulnerability can act as an impetus for unification. It is important to me to showcase where our boundaries really lie and force you to question the existence and the source of those boundaries. I am staging physical situations that are mediated by the use of a bizarre apparatus, and in doing so I reveal satire in the suspension of disbelief. What is important to me in my work is the acknowledgement and exploration of the space between people, both literally and metaphorically.


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