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Sophia Chai

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Cityscape, Chromogenic Print, 2009
Circle and Rectangles, Chromogenic Prints, 2009
Yellow Lines, Chromogenic Prints, 2009
Dancing in a Red Dress, Pt.2, 2008
16 Variations, Chromogenic Prints, 2008
Artist's Statement

All the works presented here are photographs taken in my studio.  I begin the process of making these photographs by drawing on paper.  I then re-draw the composition onto the walls and floor of the studio.  This is an exacting process, as the way I want the composition to appear on the viewfinder of the camera dictates the way I draw on the walls and the floor.  Hence, a straight line going down the wall to the floor is not drawn the way I know it is, but, rather, so that it appears straight on the viewfinder.  Finally, photographs are taken while I perform brief movements in front of the camera.  The attempt, here, is to look closely at the way we perceive: how we see, how we know, and how we can come to believe.  I’m thinking about how a sense of truth can be gleamed from illusion. That we do not perceive things as disparate elements, but always in relation to one another.


Sophia Chai received her MFA in photography from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002 and her BA in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1996.  She currently lives and works in New York City.