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Soojin Park

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Eternity/water color/2011
I Live on this Place/water color/2011
Still Growing no.3/water color/2011
Still Growing no.1/water color/2010
Too deep to see/water color/2010
Artist's Statement

In nature, there are various features, scales, and emotions. The different aspects exist together.

My idea is developed from the contrast which is on both ends of the spectrum of diversity. In nature, the most contrasting concept is “birth and death,” which can be described as “existing and disappearing” as well. People have empathy for everything that disappears, is discarded, or ends. The subject matter of my work is desire to continue things that have ended.

My primary material is fallen twigs. I take only twigs that have already lost their lives, which open up their continuity for me.

It is a work of combining natural and artificial elements in the world where we live. As a result of my compassion to things no longer living, this is a way to extend their lives.


Pratt Institute, New York
Master of Fine Arts, Painting, expected 2011
Hanyang University, Ansan, Korea
Bachelor of Art and Design, Multi-media Design, 2008

“Graduate Fine Arts exhibition,” Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY
“Extended Lives,” Pratt MFA Thesis show, Steuben South Gallery, Brooklyn NY
"Annual Group Exhibition," Group Exhibition, Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“22 points, 601 Art book Project,” Group Exhibition, The Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"13 Artists," Group Exhibition, 213 Mytle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Sustainability,” Group Exhibition, Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Artist’s books,” Group Exhibition, Pratt Institute Library, Brooklyn, NY

Stulman, CURATOR CRITIQUES: Soojin Park Extended Lives,
“22 points, 601 Art book Project,” 601 Bisang, Seoul, Korea