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Sonya Blesofsky

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Broken Fence. Vellum, glue, tape. Life-size.
BARQUE. Paper, glue, tape, string. 8.5ft x 6ft. x 20ft.
Protico: Georgian Revival. Vellum, glue, tape. Dimensions variable.
Billboard Study (The Smallest Breath). Hollow aluminum foil parts, tape, glue. Dimensions variable.
Study for Midtown Tower Crane. (Time-lapse view) Vellum, tape, glue. Dimensions variable.
Artist's Statement

I am interested in architectural failure, construction and re/development. I am also concerned with their accompanying issues such as the fragility of communities and lost histories, and how these issues serve as metaphors for memory and personal upheaval. My work comes from a place of great anxiety about things being unstable or falling apart. Terms that feel important to the process of creating this work are foundation, preservation, façade and retrofit.
With this work I intend to generate questions and emphasize tension relating to dialectics of creation and destruction, vulnerability and indestructibility and stability and the tenuous.


Brooklyn-based artist Sonya Blesofsky received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her BA from UC Santa Cruz. She has held residencies at the CUE Art Foundation, Smack Mellon, Dieu Donne Papermill, Chashama, LMCC’s Workspace:120 Broadway, Plane Space, and the California Legion of Honor. Blesofsky’s work has been shown in New York at Mixed Greens, Plane Space, Cleopatra’s and Smack Mellon, and in San Francisco at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, Mission 17, and Pond. Her solo show, Dis/Integration opens in January 2010 at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, California.