Sonita Singwi

Studio Building
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Studio Location
little wind, oil on linen, 31" h x 43" w
scattered white horses, oil on linen, 60" h x 76" w
scattered white horses, detail
passing clouds, 17" h x 22" w
extended visibility, oil on linen, 17" h x 22" w
Artist's Statement

These paintings are loosely titled on the Beaufort scale, which is also an apt metaphor for my work. This scale was used as a tool to establish comparable wind and weather conditions for people at sea. It is both precise and poetic: it has a scientific purpose, but at the same time employs a descriptive language for something that eludes description. Many such scales have been developed over the centuries but the Beaufort scale hit the right note as it “captured” the wind in a prose that resonated with others and was practical.
The experience of painting is not unlike that of a person navigating the sea. You must rely on your tools but also on your instincts as each situation and encounter presents new problems to solve. And how does anyone measure success - by reaching the intended destination, or by the moments that are lost beneath the surface?


Sonita Singwi received an MFA from Hunter College and an MA in Art History from New York University. She has shown with LiebmanMagnan Gallery in New York City and Hales Gallery in London. Museum shows include Brooklyn!, the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, and Sight Mapping, the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, among other European museums. Additional group shows include Unbroken at PS 122, organized by Paola Morsiani, currently curator of Contemporary Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Singwi’s work has been reviewed by The New York Times, Art in America, as well as by Contemporary and Modern Painters. Her grants include the Yaddo Residency, and Artist in the Marketplace, The Bronx Museum of the Arts. She has been a panelist for the Painting Fellowships, New York Foundation of the Arts. Singwi’s work will be shown in September 2010 at Small and Casual Gallery, Queens, NY.