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sky kim

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
untitled, watercolor on paper, 42 inches x 10 yards, 2010
untitled (doily lace drawing), marker on paper, 42 inches x 10 yards, 2010
untitled, marker on paper, 24 inches x 10 yards, 2010
untitled, watercolor on paper, 42 inches x 10 yards, 2009
untitled, watercolor on paper, 42 inches x 10 yards, 2008
Artist's Statement

‘Scroll Series: Vaguely Sensual, Obsessively Organic’
A series of abstract painting/drawing that captures the vital energy of all living beings through microscopic scanning.

There’s a constant tug of war embedded in the organic undulations in my work. Symbols of waters and blood represent what we once were in the womb, life energy, and of my personal memory of my stillborn twin sister. My memory of her in the brief time in the womb has entirely prevailed in my unconsciousness. The vitality and non-stop evolutionary movement are what is going on in the center of my work. I record my personal time and space, as well as my raw emotions; excitement, anxieties, regrets, hope, frustration, shame, guilt and letting go of things. As writers use old-fashioned typewriters to tell their stories, I leave my own traces of being in a timely-manner on 10 yard-long paper rolls.


2010 Ecstatic, Curious Matter Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
2010 Fuzzy Logic, Thompson Gallery, Cambridge School of Weston, MA
2010 Oddly Alive, Troy Art Center, Troy, NY
2009 Subject to Change, Ox Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2009 The Post Party World, Salon Ciel, LIC, NY
2009 Fresh Asphalt, Gallery Satori, NY, NY
2009 Paintpresent, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY
2008 Pot Shots at Hot Shots, 3rd Rail Studio, New Rochelle, NY
2008-2007 Starting Small, Lana Santorelli Gallery, NY, NY
2007 New 07 NurtureArt Anniversary Exhibition, Cue Art Foundation, NY
2005 The Square Foot Show, Art Gotham, NY
2000 Forest of Humans & Forest of Paintings, Kwangju Biennale 2000, Korea
2000 14th Korean Art Competition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
1999 Confluence of Cultures, Gallery Korea, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, NY
1998 Objects & Photo, Eklektikos Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona, DC