Simonetta Moro

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
I Can See You From Where I Am, Oil on canvas, 60" diam. 2007
Diagram of Possibilities, Mixed media on panel, 60" diam., 2008
Time Warning, Oil on Canvas, 60" diam., 2009
Circular Geographies, mixed media installation, Lmcc, 2006
Imaginary Map with Oculi, Mixed media on Mylar, 24"x36", 2008
Artist's Statement

My paintings and drawings are informed by memory, travels, urban life, art history, and are influenced by the environment in which I happen to live at the moment. A number of themes are recurrent: the architectural, the geographical, the mythological, the sublime, the map, the bird’s eye view. Currently, I am driven by visions of the city – and specifically New York City - in which the phantasmagoria of urban life is rendered through places and people seen from above, in a kaleidoscope of simultaneous views. When my paintings break away from the constraint of the frame they expand into the space of the wall, engaging the surrounding architecture. The map is a powerful metaphor that allows me to expand on the poetic of places, while exploring issues related to psychogeography and the visual possibilities of “narrative abstraction”.


Born in Italy, I have been drawing and painting from an early age. I consider art making as an intellectual as well as a manual practice, and I integrate it with academic research. The desire to experience the unfamiliar prompted me to leave my original environment and live in several cities in Italy and abroad. Currently I am based in New York City. Education: 2003, PhD in Visual Art (studio/theory), University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK; 2003 Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting; 1996 MA European Fine Art, Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK; 1994 Diploma in Pittura, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Italy. Selected Exhibitions: 2008 The Center for Architecture, New York; Apex Art, NY; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; 2003 Wooster Arts Space, NY; 2002 Harris Museum, Peston UK; 2000 the American Academy in Rome, Italy.