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Simone Martinetto

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Without The Memory - sequence of photographs and installation- darkroom prints 50x75 cm & 28x43 cm
Travellers - sequence of photographs and installation - traditional prints 50x75cm,13x19cm
Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On - diptychs or triptychs - talking lambda photos 50x75cm each
The Thread Of Time - installation view at Claudio Bottello Contemporary Gallery, Torino, Italy
I Shut My Eyes In Order To See - my new work in progress
Artist's Statement

Simone Martinetto's practice consists of photography and installations. Using photography as a medium to examine the minds of others, Simone Martinetto has created a form of narrative, using an original photographic language to narrate intimate stories with symbolic meanings. His work is an investigation on the importance of memory, freedom, coincidences and dreams. "Without The Memory" is a series of photographs and installations with the artist's grandmother as the subject matter who lost her memory and subsequently fills her home with reminder notes. The series "Travellers" documents racing pigeons and the images they see during their return trips. "Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On" is made of “talking photos” where the viewer is able to relive the dreams of other people.


(born 1980, Turin, Italy)
Award winning artist and photographer, Simone Martinetto also has a degree in philosophy. He has exhibited in over 40 solo or group exhibitions in Italy and around the world, including Claudio Bottello Contemporary Gallery, Torino and Frost Art Museum, Miami. Martinetto’s photography started when he inherited a camera from his grandfather, shortly before his death; a camera he bought on the occasion of Martinetto’s birth. Martinetto teaches and works as a cinematic still photographer. Amongst the numerous awards Martinetto has received, most recently he was awarded a sponsorship from Seat Pagine Gialle Spa, Italy and The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage for his New York residency at ISCP in Brooklyn, NY.