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Sika Foyer

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Artist's Statement

Sika Foyer likes to play with color, texture and shapes to provoke our reasoning mind on questions and social issues such as, are we hasty to judge, to label and if yes, what does it say about ourselves? Her work speaks to everyone regardless of age, race or creed with the purpose of stimulating questions about how we see ourselves and others. For Sika, the journey the audience will undertake by viewing and conversing with her work is what is most important.


Sika Foyer is a self-taught abstractionist, poet and curator. Also a community development professional, originally from Togo, West Africa, Sika has lived her entire adult life in the United States. Her inspiration comes from having always felt displaced and disconnected both here in the States as well as in Africa. As a world traveler, and after visiting several cities/towns in the United States, Europe and other regions in Africa, Sika spent time observing the way people live and connect with each other. She became aware of that universal drive you can taste when you pay attention wherever you are. Should it be in a small fishing village in Entebbe, should it be traveling through a heavy traffic jam in Mexico City or should it be when lost on a Train going to the Bronx. Sika felt at home, welcome and belonging.