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The Words Incarnate
Artist's Statement

My work examines the use of words and images to create and control opinion with regard to the Amanda Knox “student killer sex-game gone wrong” case in Italy. I became fascinated by the way she was depicted in the media based on wildly inventive stories from police, prosecution and lawyers recounted both in court and to the press.
I documented hundreds of words and phrases in Italian and English used to characterize her during her three court battles and four years of incarceration. “Succubus”, “Lilith”, “whore of Babylon”; the almost endless list of invective drove me to look into the etymology and semantics of these words that were marshaled to drive a misogynist narrative and sell the prosecution’s bizarre fantasies. I found this case to be the perfect vehicle for exploring fears of female sexuality and how words and images can control. The work includes ceramics, painting, drawings, video, photography, and other multimedia works.


I am a multimedia artist working in painting, drawing, video, photography and ceramics among other experimental processes. I am currently working on a large multimedia project which examines the media circus around the Amanda Knox trial in Italy, and the etymology and semantics of the words that were used to describe her by the police, prosecution, lawyers, media and ultimately the anonymous online masses. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I have been living in Italy for some time and transferred to Brooklyn just over a year ago.
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