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Sidney Turner

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Belvedere's Torso 20"x27" pencils 2013
Endure 20"x27" pencils 2013
Company Store 20"x27" pencils 2013
Solomon's Endgame 20"x27 pencils 2013
Coal Miners' Reward 18"x29" pencils 2013
Artist's Statement

Sidney P. Sidney P. Turner's Belvedere Series offers reflections of the last days of empire. Turner hand draws the costume jewelry with colored pencils, always on an armature over a dark background, and always with faint reflections of New York life in the foreground symbolizing the aspiration of a struggling middle class to luxuries beyond their means. Turner photographs window displays in order to create photo-realistic images. His subjects are aesthetically garish, his stones and pearls are obviously fakes - a child's vision of a pirate's treasure. The goal is to call into question the status of Turner's works as art objects by constantly effacing appearance of his technique. The resulting images appear machine-produced, yet are realistic drawings of photographic still-life's. Turner's work manifests the wants and desires of a culture that knows no excess. The line separating the real and the faux is blurred.


- Mural for city of New York, 1984.
- Mural for Mr. Donald Trump, 1982.

- 1980 : Organization of Independent Artists, OIA.
- 1981: Monumental Sculpture, Navy Yard – Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY.
- 1981: Drawings, Drawing Center, New York, NY.
- 1982: Emerging Young Artist, Brooklyn, NY.
- 1982: Cross Currents, Aaron Berman Gallery, New York, NY. (Curator: Dr. Judith Van Baron McCabe)
- 1987: Summer Show, Schreiber/Cutler Gallery, New York, NY.
- 1987: Constructed Paintings. Schreiber/Cutler Gallery, New York, NY.

- 1979: School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY. - New Work From New Artists.
- 1987: Schreiber/Cutler Gallery.

School of Visual Arts, New York, NY - M.F.A 1975.