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The Shining Mantis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Kangarok I: The Birth of The Mantis, 2007. LMCC Benefit Gala, 7 World Trade Center.
Kangarok III. 2008. Art Dissidente, Montreal.
Kangarok IV: The Teddy Bear Market Uprising. 2008. Pulse, Miami.
Kangarok VI: The Race Wars of New Jersey. 2009 Arario Gallery, NYC.
Kangarok 3-D: The Kneon Knives are Sharp On Broadway. 2009. Broadway Gallery, NYC.
Shining Mantis
Artist's Statement

The Dark Mantid Orcus stood laughing, picking the pockets of orphans, when the sky cracked open, a massive Insect, 20 miles high, a Shining Mantis, bearing two heads and four arms, burst forth, and in one mighty sweep of chalk dust freed all the universe from fear.

The Shining Mantis then disappeared as quickly as it came.

Thousands of years later, the world had changed. Contact with the mantids had quickly destroyed the kangaroos. In their place rose a foul offspring: a new species of demonic kangaroo, the unholy union of the dark mantids and the kangaroos. These abberations ravaged innocent folk, tearing their bodies, their home, their very lives apart. They grew so powerful as to once again threaten all of creation.

This onslaught was spoken of with great fear by all, but by none more than those who knew it's name:



The Shining Mantis is the Brooklyn based collaboration of Mike Estabrook, and Ernest Concepcion. They are known for their epic battle drawings, called Kangarok!!

Kangarok ? (upcoming) NYArts Beijing, Beijing, China
Pandarok- The Birth of Khangis Khan - LMCC offices, NYC
Kangarok 3D- The Kneon Knives are Sharp on Broadway – Broadway Gallery, NY
Kangarok BC-LES-DS – Cuchifritos Gallery, NY
Kangarok X – 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY (Part of DUMBO Arts Under The Bridge Festival)
Kangarok VI – ARARIO Gallery, NY, NY
Kangarok V – ISE Cultural Foundation, NY, NY
Kangarok IV – Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, Miami, Fl. (Sponsored by PPOW Gallery)
Kangarok III – Art Dissident, 55 Rue Notre Dame, Montreal, QC, Canada
Kangarok II – MISC Video & Performance at NY Studio Gallery, NY, NY
Kangarok I – The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Benefit Gala at the 7 World Trade Center, NY, NY