Shigeki Yoshida

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Gegants, Gelatin silver print, 2012
Covered Case, Gelatin silver print, 2012
Louvre, Gelatin silver print, 2012
Sports Authority, Gelatin silver print, 2012
Stairecase somewhere in SoHo, Gelatin silver print, 2012
Artist's Statement

I photograph without any stage settings or visual manipulations. Many think of black and white photography as an exhausted medium. But I would say that it is the fundamental medium that deals with light, which is so frail, and subject to the vagaries of change that one can never recapture it identically. Light itself has no body; it forms only in conjunction with other things. Photography does too. Light in photography imaginatively emerges.
I photograph believing in the possibility of photography to depict even something invisible. I do not look for something visually obvious, but rather something suggestive like a momentary light which not only casts on an actual scene, but also reflects upon my mind. I wish for the light to reach viewers’ minds in the hope of transcending the usual sentimental resonances, and of touching the viewers’ memories beyond specific cultural backgrounds.


Shigeki Yoshida was born in Japan and studied painting at Wako University in Tokyo. He came to New York on a scholarship from the Japanese government and studied photography at Hunter College, CUNY with Mark Feldstein and Roy DeCarava, receiving an MFA in 2005. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.