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Sherry Kerlin

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Bird Nesting in Roses;oil on canvas;16"x12";2012
Death Disguised as a Kindly Matron;oil on canvas;14"x12";2008
Rabbit and Fairy;ink on paper;17"x14.75";2014
The Poppy Field:oil on canvas:;14"x14";2009
Daffodils;oil on canvas;26"x18";2008
Artist's Statement

I work in a very small room in my apartment. Because I have limited space, my work is relatively small. However, I would admit that my work is also small because I work with intimate "whispers" and secrets. My work frequently plays with the alchemy that occurs when objects that normally do not belong together happen to meet. I am also interested in trying to dissect and capture the sometimes less visible layers of the "real" and the "concrete". For me, knowing that nothing lasts and nothing appears to be what I initially perceived it to be is somewhat frightening. I think I comfort myself with the fantasy of the images in my work being stable and straight-forward.


I attended the Chicago Art Institute and received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. I have had my work shown in group shows and one-person shows in galleries throughout the United States. My full resume can be seen on my website: