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Shaun Acton

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Chupacabra with Fire Ears" oil and ink on canvas, 60" x 60" 2010
Ann Street Gallery installation, mixed media installation, 2009
"Snake Eating It's Tail" plastic, paint, mirror, paper and wood, 20" x 20" x 11", 2008
Seven Scrollatropes, installation view, 2009
Installation shot from the "Cracking the Code" series, each piece mixed media on paper, 9' x 5', 2006
Artist's Statement

I've always had an appreciation for the beauty found in motion and mass. My work records and creates kinetic movement. My work also explores the theories of science, both the far-fetched and the widely accepted. Science comes ever closer to uncovering the essence of matter, defining existence and connecting everything to an all-pervasive energy.


Born 1972, Colorado

Metropolitan State College of Denver, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1995
Graduated Cum Laude

Exhibition history (solo)
2003, Visual Diaries – Andenken Gallery (Denver, CO)
2000, Tents and Temples – ILK Gallery (Denver, CO)
2000, Places of Solace – Tom and Jerry Bar (NYC)
1997, Wrapped Room – ILK Gallery (Denver, CO)
1996, Pains, Stains and Mobiles – ILK Gallery (Denver CO)

Group Exhibitions
2009, Before the Wind Blows It All Away, outdoor sculpture show, (Brooklyn, NY)
2009, A Study In Contemporary Drawing-- Ann Street Gallery, (Newburgh, NY)
2006, Shaun Acton, Brad Hampton, David Williams -- Massimo Audiello Gallery (NY, NY)
2005, Metro State Alumni Exhibition – Center for Visual Art (Denver, CO)
2002, Holiday Salon Show – Brooklyn Fireproof (Brooklyn, NY)
1997, What a Difference New Furniture Makes – ILK Gallery (Denver, CO)
1996, 5 Elements – Edge Gallery (Denver, CO)