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Shamus Clisset

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
FakeShamus, Manifest Destinaut (Grizzly-Suit), 2010, c-print, 80 x 60 inches
Elmer's Back Yard (Bumbaclot), 2011, c-print, 80 x 58.25 inches
FakeShamus Conjuring the Countach, 2010, c-print, 80 x 53.25 inches
Deep Camo (Ghillie Suit), 2010, c-print, 80 x 53.25 inches
Peyote Eyes, 2011, c-print, 80 x 60 inches
Artist's Statement

I use 3D modeling software to build digital objects and environments.

FakeShamus is a sort of imaginary-friend character who lives and explores these alternate realities - a digital golem wreaking havoc on everything around him. He morphs from scene to scene, melding with objects of my own mental obsessions and personal history: the Lamborghini Countach that I drew compulsively as a kid; the nature and suburban landscapes of my upbringing in Colorado; Bazooka subwoofers that I lusted after even before I owned a car to put them in; the aesthetics of beer, guns and violence.


Born Huntington, NY, 1976
Lives and works in Crown heights, Brooklyn


BFA, The College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM


In the Belly of the Whale, Tracy Williams, Ltd., New York

S.F.A.C.TOR: Young American Art in Berlin, Galerie Juan, Berlin

the new plastic arts - Bildstrategien zwischen Kunst und Kunststoff, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin

Maximum Drawings, The College of Santa Fe Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM