Shai Zurim

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"The Return of The Dragon"; Mixed Media; 54” X 19” X 29”; 2009
"Empty Wolf"; Mixed Media; 16” X 10” X 10”; 2009
"Sticky Rice"; Mixed Media; 116” X 16” X 65”; 2008
"Heavy Bird"; Granite; 39” X 39” X 21”; 2008
"Umbrella"; Mixed Media; 47” X 55” X 63”; 2006
Artist's Statement

My works responds to the changing nuances of everyday life. I invariably find my materials in the rubbish, in clichés, in banalities, and turn what I find into sculptures and temporary installations. I propose fragments rather then unities. My work never represent a united whole, but only seeks to restore meaning as a recreated unity of disparate objects. It is the poetic potential of a given work, rather than any linear or narrative logic, that gives it meaning.


Shai Zurim earned his BFA from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem (1999), and his MFA from the SVA, NYC (2009). His work was recently the subject of a solo show at the Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2009), and a solo show at the Tel-Aviv Museum (2008). Zurim has won several prizes and awards, including Eugen Kolb Prize for Israeli Graphic Art (2009), International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Award (2008), and Isracard Art Prize for an Israeli Artist (2008). He was a finalist for the prestigious Gotesdiner Prize (2008), and has been in numerous group shows, including at the Vivian Horan Fine Art Gallery, NYC (2006), and at the Martin Gropius Bau Museum, Berlin (2005). Zurim published a book of drawings, entitled Real Flowers, Real Gifts, to accompany his 2005 solo show at Sommer Gallery in Tel-Aviv. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.