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Sequoyah Aono

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
People in New York / Wood 77x350x140 (cm)
People in New York / Wood
Self Portrait / Wood 99×36×28 (cm)
Human bodies structured by suppressed space / Wood 194×176×176(cm)
Brief moment / Black granite, marble 194×176×176(cm)
Artist's Statement

There is nonexistent space between man and man,though there should be invisible space in existence. I feel that humanity is created from the invisible space enveloping each of us and all our feelings, such as mercy, love, jealousy, and hatred. This invisible space is formed by each moral based on society and its rules and transformed to different shapes related to religions, culture, race, et cetera.
I try to express this space by carving my own body. If the object of my physicality could be realistically shaped and recreated, I could directly see myself at present and farther broaden my own horizons. Through carving this invisible space, I wish to pursue what exists in today's world and what is needed for the future.


Born in Naples, Italy; grown in Tokyo, Japan. USA from 2008

2007 -MFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts.
2005 -BFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts.
2009 -Young Sculpture Award / Roger T. Williams Prize,National Sculpture Society,New York
2008 -ISE Cultural Foundation Award, New York
-Tokyo Governor Award, Tokyo
-Arakawa-Award for “Black Gaze I” exhibited at Arakawa Park, Tokyo
2007 -Excellence Award for 61stGifuPrefecture Art Exhibition, Japan