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Seline Baumgartner

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Somewhere on the other side, 2009
Object, Audio 7-minute loop ( English/Hindi)
Shake hands with the devil, 2009 (Video/audio installation, 13min. Loop)
Back Home, 2008 (Paper airplane, audio)
it depends..., 2008 (Installation detail, video, audio, object)
Artist's Statement

The main focus of my work is on Installations, including sculpture, video and audio.
I am interested in the attitude of individuals or groups within certain social or political situations.
For example, in the work "Back Home" I describe the difficulties of the American Iraq Veterans coming back from war and their attempt to reintegrate into normal life. This installation focuses on the duality of their situation being war actors and war victims at the same time.
By shifting the angle of vision, my projects examine its impact on our perception, attitudes and understanding of the world.


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2009/2010 New York Studio Grant by the City of Zurich