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Garcia Huidobro has created a series of sculptures and digital deformed portraits. In this new series continues with its concern for the portrait, both politicians / business men and women who undergo cosmetic surgery. His first step is to find the images then print in colors of "graphical supermarket" (loud, saturated) on thermoforming . This material allows me to manipulate and expand the image into three dimensional objects/portraits through the use of heat. He works quickly and spontaneously with heat (resulting in random and unpredictable events that are important parts of the work) producing a portrait that was originally printed in plane but takes heat through volume and becomes a part sculptural. As a corollary, the pictures lose their identity (dimensional and social) so that the bureaucrats and their wives atildados gateway become, as in the "Portrait of Dorian Gray",


Sebastian Garcia-Huidobro was born in Chile in 1981. In 2006 he graduated from University UNIACC in Santiago, with a degree in Visual Arts. In 2003 he was awarded second place in Philips Art Competition, and first place in LIVE Art in the Fine Art Museum, both in Santiago. In 2006 he was an Artist In Residence at Proyecto’Ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also been an
Artist in Residence at Caja Negra Art Collective in Santiago, Chile (2009) and Roos Gallery in Rosendale, New york (2010). His work has been exhibited internationally, with major exhibitions including the North American Print Biennial in Boston (2007), Tallinn Print Triennial in Estonia (2008),Caja Dura, Fine Art Museum in Santiago (2008) and The Bronx Biennial "Exodo" New York (2010). His most recent exhibition was a solo show at Local Project Gallery in NYC. (2011) He currently lives in NY.