Seamus Liam O'Brien

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"Drum Roll Please...", 2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 3' x 6'
"Here it comes hippity hoppity (Where All Your Dreams Will Come True!!!)", 2011, Acrylic on Canvas, 7' x 7'
"One Night Only", 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 7' x 7'
One Night Only (front and back detail), Acrylic on Canvas, 7' x 7'
"The Game of...", 2013, Acrylic Paint, 12" x 12"
Seamus Liam
Artist's Statement

My artwork objectifies the lifelike facades and childlike ambiance reflected in popular amusement institutions and explores the way our culture attains a sense of happiness through the remolding of reality. Theatrical elements are naturalistically integrated and combined with children’s toys to create a suspension of space and time. My work experience in businesses that specialize in the cultivation of this phenomenon has left me with a mixed sense of apprehension and affection. These facades have unfortunately become the ‘new reality,’ but this faux entity, in some respects… is my reality. My artwork highlights my entangled affiliation with faux authenticity and reflects upon the psychology that these exaggerated experiences provide.


Seamus Liam O’Brien is a fine artist, illustrator, and sign painter based in Brooklyn, New York. His artwork is inspired by his life experiences in the theater, and he often times incorporates these elements into his own paintings, drawings, installations, and performances.

Born in Winter Park, Florida, Mr. O’Brien received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Drawing from The University of Florida, and his Master of Fine Art degree in Printmaking from The Ohio State University.