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Scott Kiernan

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Heal Thyself", 2007, photocollage
Various graphic scores for three installations, acrylic dice, briefcase
"Middle C, Badwater, Death Valley", 2008, photograph. Mid-C tuning fork at lowest point in America, 282 ft. below sea level
"Take My Breath Away", 2009, print on acetate w/ mylar. Still from series of altered karaoke video
Still from "Garbage for the Gap", 2009, single channel HD video, 7 min.
Artist's Statement

Much of my work is intended as an attack on, or dissection of, “common sense” in its most literal forms. I seek structures within commonly understood myths, events and ideas, both historical and present, that point to something larger. I am particularly interested in making leaps in logic while transforming ideas that most people have settled for a surface “understanding” of.

I work across mediums simultaneously, resulting in co-existing video installations, sound pieces, performances, photography and films. I often abstract things from their original context, using them as a springboard to create projects such as: a song to transport the Bermuda Triangle to the American Midwest based on triangulating domestic airline flight paths; a piece for a string quartet based on topological models in string theory; or the reactivation of the found audiotaped sessions of a late 1970’s psychic healer.


b. 1980
Lives and works in New York City

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