Sarah Hollars

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Ladybug,Ladybug; Oil on canvas 93" x 79" 2012
The Caves Were Warm With Dark; Oil on canvas 1'9" x 1'9"; 2011
Northern Exposure; Oil on canvas 76" x 76" 2012
Fire; Ink on paper 4"x4" 2011
Baffin Island; Oil on canvas 36" x 36" 2012
Artist's Statement

At one moment an image is the center of the world and in the next it is forgotten and replaced by a new image creating a new context and meaning. I reanimate moments that have been pushed into the dusty long forgotten corners of my mind. I save these reconstituted moments that have altered and morphed from their original context and reality into something new and unique. I do this because these moments are life, they are the answer and the question to everything and they are the never-ending exploration that must be undertaken.


Growing up in a rural town in Southeastern Oregon I was constantly surrounded by life and enveloped by the landscape. During undergrad I participated in exchange programs to London and Rome, which effected my way of thinking and goals of becoming a practicing artist. I have a deep love for literature and the worlds it creates, these worlds are ever present in my studio process. Experiences gained through travel play a key role in the creation of my work; a recent trip to Baffin Island in Northern Canada greatly informed my current body of work.

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