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Sara Lynch

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German Chocolate Cupcake
Vanilla Cupcake Set
in progress vanilla and chocolate cupcakes
in progress frosted sugar cookie
in progress Valentines day gifts
Artist's Statement

As of right now I am completely obsessed with painting baked goods on my old clothes. When you work with kids someone is always bringing in cookies or cupcakes so I started painting them. I sew scraps of photographs and various small objects that I find throughout my day to help depict these delightful confectionery creations.


Sara Lynch was born and raised in Potsdam, a small collage town in the extreme north of New York State. Her father is a math professor who stares at the ceiling for hours to solve his equations. Her mother is a substitute teacher who enjoys writing articles about fellow Northern New Yorkers such as a couple who raised miniature donkeys in their backyard. Sara often accompanies her mother on her interviews to take photographs. From 2002 to 2006 she attended Alfred University to study painting, photography, and psychology. She earned a BFA in painting and ceramics. Upon graduating she returned home to run the school age program at a childcare center and teach gymnastics. She plans on starting SUNY Canton’s nursing program in the fall of 2010 because she likes the working with people and would really like health insurance. She aims to and depict the beauty of everyday life and recycle things other people consider trash.