Sara Conca

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Artist's Statement

My work is intended to instantaneously immerse the viewer into the visual
and emotional energies that I have devoted to each piece. Depending on one's
ability and willingness to be guided by the senses, these paintings can lead
one away from the mind and into an alternate and self-made reality filled
with color and feeling. My new series features gold. I love working with
this color because it changes in the light and I can manipulate the textures
and layering; thus affording each piece movement and energy from the
reflecting and refracting light.


Sara Conca is a self-taught New York based artist of French and Native American heritage who grew up in Southern Florida. Sara credits her family's penchant for relocating several times during her childhood with inspiring her appreciation for changing environments and settings. By the age of 17, Sara was living and working in Paris, an experience, she says, that only reinforced her appreciation for movement, energy and art.
Throughout the past 15 years in Manhattan, Sara has experimented with a wide variety of art mediums and forms of expression, yet her painting and sculpture practices have remained consistent, bringing her to a visual and skilled fluency with her mediums of choice.