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Santina Amato

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Horses Shed Their Tails Once A Year In The Fall, 2011. Detail
Horses Shed Their Tails Once A Year In The Fall, 2011. Video Installation
Your Future Tense, 2012. Video Installation
Carousel Ballet, 2012. Site specific installation
Untitled (Laneway) 2009
Artist's Statement

Santina Amato is a video installation artist combing performance, video, sculpture and site-specific contexts to explore femininity and the female identity. Amato’s voyeuristic approach embodies the childhood world of fairytale and fantasy, adopting a deceptively childlike charm, logic and aesthetic. Her work instantly transports the viewer into a feminine surrealist wonderland; a fairytale-esque environment where reality is questioned and fantasy becomes the norm.
Attempting to subvert conventional notions of video, Amato's aim is to deconstruct linear ideas of time and space, resulting in a sculptural redefinition of the moving image.


Santina Amato was born in Melbourne, Australia and is currently dividing her time between Australia, and the USA. She is the recipient of various travel grants, has become a finalist in many contemporary art awards within Australia and is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts.