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Santiago Mostyn

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Bucket Slumber (from New American Occasions), 2008, C-Print, 30"x40"
Dark Stars, 2009, C-Print, 50"x60"
Wet Tree Legs, 2009, C-Print, 30"x24"
Ian's Silhouette, 2008, C-Print, 24"x20"
Crack Addict behind Convention Center, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2009, C-Print, 24"x30"
Artist's Statement

Santiago Mostyn (b. San Francisco, 1981) is a traveling photographer and writer most recently based in Brooklyn. He makes prints, videos, and small books based on personal interactions with subcultural communities throughout the world.
He received his BA from Yale in 2004, studied under Wolfgang Tillmans at the Staedelschule, Frankfurt, and has collaborated with the artist Swoon on a series of raft-based performances along the Mississippi River.
His first monograph, Excerpt: All Most Heaven, is published by TV Books.


Past exhibitions include:
It Ain't Fair 2009, o.h.w.o.w., Art Basel Miami Beach;
Staedelschule zu Gast, Kunst-Werke, Berlin;
Sacrosanct, St. John’s Episcopal Church, New York (co-curator);
Some Word Pictures, Needles & Pens, San Francisco;
Various Photographs, New York Photo Festival 2008, New York;
Plat(t)form ’07, Fotomuseum Winterthur;
Consumption Junction, CCAD, Columbus, Ohio.