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Sanja Hurem

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Jungle of Mind, 30x40'', Acrylic on Canvas
After Destruction, 30x40'', Acrylic on Canvas
Order in Chaos, 24x36'', Acrylic on Canvas
Seeing is Believing, 33x42, Acrylic on Canvas
Relationship, 24x36'', Acrylic on Canvas
Artist's Statement

My work is characterized by a constant search. It admires the visible form, while simultaneously playing with abstraction of familiar and yet unknown shapes. I see form and content not in opposition to each other, but as complements that fluidly progress into each other.

My art is an attempt to behold that which ordinarily cannot be observed, to perceive the un-perceivable. By diving into the realm that is hidden in plain sight, it serves as a visual decoder of what is behind the seemingly ordinary shapes of life. Beyond my own search, I ask viewers to embark on their personal quest.


Born to a family of mixed cultural and religious influences in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Sanja comes from a history that stubbornly resists clear definition. Growing up in Germany, Czech Republic and the US and traveling many more countries, her identity has become a perpetual construction site, an idiosyncratic collage of beliefs, perspectives and traditions. She studied at Central Saint Martin's in London, the ICP and National Academy & Museum in New York. Sanja currently resides in New York.