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Sandra Mack-Valencia

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Studio Interior
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Reina Madre, Flashe paint, inks and transfer on wood panel, 46 x 34"
Beautiful Beast, Inks and transfer on wood panel, 6 x 6"
Cerberus Needs Love Too, Flashe paint, acrylic and transfer on wood panel, 14 x 11"
Insomnia, Wall paper, inks and transfer on wood panel, 24 x 16"
Reina Santa, Flashe paint, acrylic, inks and transfer on wood panel, 46 x 34"
Artist's Statement

I grew up listening to stories, so it is not surprising that you would find a strong narrative content in my work. I love beauty, but at the same time I believe that art should surpass the mere decorative state and be an activator of thoughts. I love humor, and to be more specific I love sarcasm. In my paintings you will find subtle details that throw the initial reading of the work to a total different direction -A powerful queen wearing cleaning gloves, a loving pet-sitter offering a teddy bear to Cerberus, the dog that guards hell's doors, a "Reina Santa" flipping the bird, etc.

I nurture my work from many sources: found images, book remarks, experiences, movies, fashion,etc. In my work I combine photo transfer with drawing and painting. Photography references to both reality and memory, while drawing and painting allow me to bring an intuitive response to the materials and the process.


Sandra Mack-Valencia grew up in Medellin Colombia, where under the smell of oil paint, turpentine and linseed oil in her father’s studio, she developed a passion for painting and drawing. After receiving her BFA from the Universidad de Antioquia, Sandra moved to New York and finished her MFA at Hunter College. Sandra’s work has been exhibited in museums and institutions in Colombia, Japan, and New York. She is a recipient of the Nathalie Angles Award, the Sommerville Arts Prize, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation grant for Painters and Sculptors. In 2011, her work was selected as part of the (S) Files Biennial at the El Museo del Barrio in New York. and in 2014 she was chosen as one of the Outstanding Antioquenos in the World, and she was featured in a documentary about her art practice.