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Sandra Lapage

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Paper/print, in flux installation at Maxxx Project Space, Switzerland, during a residency at Villa Ruffieux, Chateau Mercier
Paper, print, cloth installation at the NARS Foundation
Artist's Statement

My work is about the fundamental meaning of my practice: the impossibility of defining boundaries in contemporary times in terms of language as idiom or artistic media, or in terms of nationality or identity, which remain especially relevant issues for those who migrate for family, work, religious, ethnic or political reasons.
The practice deals with the construction of heteroclite figures, residues of diverse personal experiences, represented on one hand by appropriation — which I do not treat as a conceptual practice, but instead as a sort of safe way to work between the diverse environments in which I am a foreigner — and, on the other hand, by a syncretic coexistence of diverse lines of thought and practices with which I build my identity and culture.


Sandra Lapage is currently based in NYC for six months up to December 2014, at the NARS Foundation residency program, funded through a successful crowd funding campaign at
Born in Sao Paulo, Sandra Lapage is Belgian and Brazilian; cultural hybridity is the drive behind her work. She has recently concluded her MFA in Studio Arts at the Maine College of Art.
Sandra has exhibited in solo and group shows in Brazil, Europe and the United States, notedly at the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels, in Chelsea/NYC and at the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Brazil.