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Sandra Eula Lee

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The work of memory, installation view, 2007
Seeds in a wild garden, materials from local construction sites, house paints in colors of local gardens, 2009
House and home, mixed media, 2009
True horizon, shoes, plaster, street asphalt, glass, photograph, wood panel, 2009
Deep waters, installation view, 2009
Sandra Eula
Artist's Statement

Seeds in a wild garden

Beginning with material reality, I take familiar objects I encounter and recombine them into 3-dimensional forms and installations. I construct wider meanings from the found materials and events in my life, finding the aspects or details of my physical surroundings that can be recombined to reveal the social issues and ambiguity within daily life. I begin with things considered commonplace and make decisive changes to arrive at more complex readings that can be intimate, raw, humorous, poetic, and lyrical. I believe meaning can be culled from the personal objects we use, the materials we leave behind, and the neighborhoods we inhabit. I'm concerned with the individual's struggle on a day-to-day basis; the politics, identity, and the humor that make up everyday life.


Sandra Eula Lee is a Korean-American artist living in New York. She is the recipient of an Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Fellowship, a Manhattan Community Art Fund Grant from the LMCC, and an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship. Recent exhibitions include Aljira Center for Contemporary Art; Dada Post, Berlin; Dukwon Gallery, Seoul; and the former Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai, India. In 2009 she was awarded a residency at The National Studio Program Goyang, through the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. She is a 2010 recipient of a residency provided by the Seoul Museum of Art and will be a resident artist at the Chinese-European Art Center in Xiamen, China.

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