Sanae Maeda

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Studio Location
performance "Kishimojin"
performance "Kishimojin"
series "U, or in my unconsciousness"
series "U, or in my unconsciousness"
series "U, or in my unconsciousness"
Artist's Statement

I have been searching inside myself for deeply hidden “Traumas” and releasing them wherever I find them. In my inner vision there are many unexpected shapes and images coming one after another.

Recently I am expressing these images concretely using dolls that connote my identity.
I also sometimes pretend *“鬼子母神/Kishimojin”( a cannibalistic demon) and attempt peaceful negotiation between my “Inner Child”, which refers to all of the emotional memory stored in the brain, and me.


Selected group exhibitions

2009 “ Permanent Collection: part 2” Williamsburg Art & Histrical Center Brooklyn, NY
2008 "VAN PUMP “ Gallery OneTwentyEight New York, NY
"Bushwick Film & Art Event" Papa B's Studio Brooklyn, NY
"Funky Pop Show" 58 Coles Gallery Jersey City, N.J
2007 "bound LES" University Settlement New York, NY
"International Working Women Day" Brecht Forum New York, NY

Selected Performances

2009 “Loveshpere” Manhattan Neighborhood Network New York, NY
2008 "RoboHamlet" by Pat Harper & Gary Miles MEDICINE SHOW THERTRE New York, NY