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Don't worry baby... 6" X 5" mixed-media (three-dimensional) 2010
snow shoe 7" x 4" mixed-media (three-dimensional) 2010
The West Indian shoes 12" x 12" repousage & aquatint 2009
rain 22" x 30" monotype 2010
aurora hand knitting vest (my size) 2010
Artist's Statement

When I was a child, I used to wear clothing that my grandmother made. She was an expert hand embroiderer, and the clothes she made were beautiful. She mixed many colors. Sometimes the results were a little clumsy, but it didn't matter. I loved her work. In her way, she was a great artist. Her ability to express things influenced me because she used materials that were essential and easily found. As a result, I try to express my feelings in my work in a way that blends into our lives. I want my artwork to be Linus's blanket in "PEANUTS". Linus always carries his favorite blanket with him, and it makes him feel at home wherever he goes even though the blanket was not so special for other people, it was treasured by Linus. Whatever I make, it is all hand made, and I want to show the warmth this gives so that perhaps someday one of my works will mean the same thing to someone that Linus's blanket meant to him.


Sachi Kabeya was born in Japan. After graduating from university, she worked as a fashion buyer for a clothing store. She chose clothes as the seasons changed. She believes that wearing clothes is a way of expressing oneself, and its design reflects individual taste and style. She loves fashion very much. In 2006 she moved to NYC, and is currently living in Brooklyn with numerous pair of shoes.
2011.03 The School Benefit Scholarship (National Academy School of Fine Arts)
2010.06 The School Benefit Scholarship (National Academy School of Fine Arts)
2009.06 The Ernest C. and Helen Adams School Scholarship Fund
2009.03 The School Benefit Scholarship (National Academy School of Fine Arts)
2008.10 The Arthur & Melville Phillips School Scholarship
Williamsburg Arts and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY (4 works)
Private, USA and JAPAN
2011.07 "Hand Eye" web magazine