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Sabine Friesicke

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
74640 seconds, 2014, 21 x 60", sumi ink on kochi paper
74640 seconds, detail
51660 seconds, 2014, 21 x 60", ink on kochi paper
51660 seconds, detail
Red 360, 2012, 64 x 64", acrylic and flashe on canvas
Artist's Statement

For a while now I have been concerned with the use of the line
in my artwork.
Traditionally the line relates to drawing.
I am trying to push the concept of the line to a placeĀ 
where painting and drawing meet, with the use of a brush.

The line by its nature extends infinitely in both directions,
therefore allowing me to go to a place beyond our concrete and visible reality.
I want to make paintings with the most simple and direct means,
investigating color, space, light and how to apply the paint on the surface.

In my new work I make a line-segment each second with the assist of a metronome
and clock and take notes about the specific time I work on each piece.
Capturing a succession of elusive moments, I want to make visible
the process of time and how it unfolds.
The fundamental question for me is how to go beyond the measurable
and enter into the immeasurable.

Sabine Friesicke, November 2014


2011 Out of Line, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Gold, Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA
2008 Paintings, Simon Gallery, Morristown, NJ
Ost West, KunstBuero Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Ost West, Luftraum, Berlin, Germany
2006 Times of the Day, Karolyn Sherwood Gallery, Des Moines, IA
Out of Waves, Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY
2004 Galeria Cadaques Dos, Cadaques, Spain

2014 Art Weissensee, UTA, Kunsthalle Berlin, Germany
2013 Verliebte Kuenstler, Berlin Art Week, Kunsthalle Berlin, Germany