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Artist's Statement

it is purely explorative with as limited focus as possible on an outcome. Focusing my attention to exploring processes with an emphasis on removing thoughts that involve words and focusing on the emotions associated with the elements of art and idea combined with foundation work and information that i hope will result in a freedom in art devoid of boundaries and purer in reflection. The conscious thought therefore I find at times to be an enemy detracting and dissuading from the true desires and fears although necessary for some direction, foundation, information, and problem solving. My approach is focused on experimenting with all medias in varying dimensions, foundational work, and mostly subconscious expression and exploration with varying connections and manipulations with the consciousness.


i no longer have much interest in anything but maintaining the bare minimum of existence, self sufficiency, mitigating annoyances, and a happy pup. i am not worried much about mortality and usually get a smile when someone dose themselves in. it should be like logans run. you know, big party, lots of lights, drinks, and exploding bodies. i force myself to do art, drink beer, work, masturbate, watch tv, gather information, and entertain my dog to pass the time until the prions, cancer, tweekers, or the industrial accident gets me.