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Ryan Vahey

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"The Cartroad" installation shot
Detailed view of scenes from the interior of the sculptures
Box 1 Landscape
Moon Box
Box 1 Cabin
Artist's Statement

As we get older and take in new experiences, the remembered spaces from our past shift endlessly into new forms. What was once an open landscape for exploration can easily become a claustrophobic compartment of nostalgia. My current work explores these ideas and the process of experience through discovery and perceived memory. My current mixed media sculptures include a series of wooden boxes that each contain perforations in the exterior of the wood that allow the viewer to peer into the worlds inside. Once the viewer looks inside these holes, they are shown a disorienting world that plays with scale, perspective, and perception. The interiors are constructed using multiple layers of glass, photographic transparencies, paint, and collage work.


b. 1982
mixed media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.