Ruiz Jose

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Cash Sold Here, installation (detail)
Descendents of Ascension, installation (detail)
The Gods Must Be Crazy (Humanitarian Aid Drop), sculpture. background: Picasso Wore Mascara, acrylic on canvas (Made in China)
I Left my Heart in Machu Picchu, installation: cardboard, foam, and digital prints
Carlos Marcos (Karl Marx as Piñata), piñata, coins, PayDay candybars, cardboard, branch, and digital print
Artist's Statement

As an artist I am pragmatic, subversive, and critical. I prefer to deny “passion” for an acceptance of talent, and I define talent as the ability to see, acknowledge, and use art as a tool for activism and self-definition. Activism should not imply political but rather a do-it-yourself ethic/aesthetic that can ultimately tilt the unbalanced scales of hierarchy and power, if devoid of cynicism and egoism. Self-definition balances the ever-challenging quest to override what I do now - my cultural production and output - with where I’ve come from and the legacies that I’ve inherited. In recent years I have worked in site-specific, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and interventionist forms of artmaking. Most of these processes culminate in installations that use space as a document of an act and are driven by succinct conceptual strategies.


born 1975; Lima, Peru

San Francisco Art Institute, M.F.A., New Genres, 2004

2009 Grants & Commissions Program, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation
2008 Emerge Artist Fellowship, Aljira
2007 Artist-in-Residence, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning

Solo Shows
2009 El Museo del Ghetto, G Fine Art, Washington, DC
2008 Cash Sold Here, Cuchifritos, NY
2007 Descendants of Ascension, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, NY
Contemporary Fine Art Projects, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

Group Shows
Invisible Empire, Van Abbe Museum, Netherlands
Shifting Constructs, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami, FL
Emerge 10, Aljira, Newark, NJ

Strangers, Privateer Gallery, NY
intransit, Moti Hasson Gallery, NY
This Case of Conscience, Queens Museum of Art, NY

Body of/at Work, NurtureArt, NY
Art Agora, Instituto Cervantes, NY
The S Files, El Museo del Barrio, NY