Roxanne Jackson

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Don’t Stop Believin’, 2013 Media: Ceramic, yarn, track jackets, cast plaster hands; Dimensions: 3.5 x 4 x 2 feet
Blonde Ambition, 2013 Media: Ceramic, wig, Lacoste sweater, pearl earrings, paint, wire, Papier-mache, barrette; Dimensions: 4 x
Blonde Ambition, (Detail)
Harpy, 2013 Media: Papier-mache, wire, wig, press-on nails, antlers, gold leaf, faux and real fur, marbled paper, duct tape, dee
Steal Your Face, 2013 Media: Ceramic, glaze, ceramic decals, wig, platinum silver luster; Dimensions: 18 x 22 x 13 inches
Artist's Statement

Fascinated with the natural processes of decay and destruction, nature is referenced in my work—not by depicting the virile stag, but by illustrating its inevitable decay. Valuing macabre sensibilities, my work is also seasoned with inspiration derived from the idiosyncrasies and banality of pop culture; the final result may seem uncanny or blackly humored. Occasionally I appropriate imagery from myth and/or horror films, particularly the moment of transformation when a human becomes a beast. This transgressive imagery imbues the work with irony and tension, especially when produced from the medium of clay—with its strong historical ties to comfort and beauty. Rooted in traditions of pantheism and superstition, the horror movie depicts a dark side of human nature. Mutated creatures are created in the murky depths of our collective subconscious. These images ride the boundaries between animal and human, the kitsch and the grotesque.


Jackson's work has been broadly exhibited at venues including Socrates Sculpture Park, Hunter College, Lu Magnus, Airplane Gallery and Norte Maar in New York, the Mutter Museum of Philadelphia, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Dubhe Carreno Gallery in Chicago, the Seattle Design Center and more. Internationally, she has also shown her work in China, Romania, Japan, Portugal and Canada as well as the cities of London, Leipzig, Berlin. Her work has been reviewed in Beautiful Decay, O.K. Periodicals, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Star Tribune, Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Ireland and more. She has been a resident at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (NE), the Wassaic Project (NY), the Ceramic Center of Berlin and The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, among others. She has also been the recipient of several grants from NYFA, Foundation of Contemporary Arts, NCECA, Jerome Ceramic Grant, LIAEP grant and others.