Rotem Reshef

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Phantom Stream, Installation view - detail, 2016
Phantom Stream, Installation view - detail, 2016
Phantom Stream, Installation view - detail, 2016
Control l Release, Installation view - detail, 2016
Wonderland, 2015, 24x20 in (61x51cm)
Artist's Statement

I am a process-based painter, following the tradition of Abstract Action painters as Pollock, Louis and Frankenthaler, yet creating my own way to view and experience painting.
I developed a method of painting that centers on the idea of “control and release”, spreading diluted paint on a horizontal surface, and altering it with plastic sheets that cover the wet paint until it dries. Accordingly, an ongoing process of change stems, in which the composition is set free, while I let the painting lead the way and “create itself”.
In 2010 I began working on large-scroll paintings, and since 2016 I have started exploring the form of painting installation, in which unstretched scrolls of paintings create a three-dimensional, overlapping art viewing experience.


Rotem Reshef is an Abstract Action painter based in New York and Tel Aviv. Her most recent shows include "Phantom Stream" at Kibbutz Be'eri gallery (2016), the solo exhibition “Control l Release”, ArtSpace Tel Aviv (2016) and “Making a Mark”, School of Visual Arts, New York (2015). Selected recent group shows include "In My Garden", New York (2017) "Aiming for Touch(down)" at P8 gallery, Tel Aviv (2017), “Collective Memory”, New York-Glasgow-Dublin (2016), “Italia Docet | Laboratorium” as part of the Venice Biennale, Italy (2015), “Scope Art Fair”, Miami Beach (2015).Reshef is a graduate of Hamidrasha Art college, Israel (1988), and holds a Master degree from Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdam (2004). Her works are found in private collections in USA, Israel, Sweden, and Australia. Reshef is currently working on her upcoming solo show, “Time Traveler”, that will open in October 2017 at La Verne University art gallery, Los Angeles.