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Ronald Pancrazi

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
nuclear family 08 16x10"
03 Portait of the Artist 16x10"
09 symbiosis 16x10"
08 cause and effect 16x10"
09 Machizmo 16x10"
Artist's Statement

After nine eleven I returned to painting. I've done 67 painting to this point with more drawing waiting there turn. The work is abstract, they are strong on the line which is present in the drawings. Form and space are challenged to suggest a abstract reality in which some thing is occurring. clues can be sometime found in the titles. they represent a view i hold of how thing work not as they appear to work. My gallery can be viewed at and my blog which shows the progress of painting and drawing as they happen is at It seem a long road from 1970 leaving on chamber street in NYC and unsuccessfully trying to enter the art work but now I feel very confident in these new works and reconciled to my anonymity, but not so much so that I will look for feed back on the web.


graduated from The Cooper Union in 1969. additional studies at NYU and Hunter college. worked as a Graphic designer and in video graphics full time till 2000.