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Rodrigo Ímaz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"altar", mixed media, 2010
"footstep (the first)", clay, 2010
"octagon-octopus", acrilic/umbrella, 2009
"Cefalopod", charcoal/wall, 2009
"after the flood", mixed media/paper, 2008
Artist's Statement

Rodrigo relates his graphic work with strategies that are site specific, to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Through poetical analogies of Nature and anthropogenic events his work emphasises the inadequacies of the instrumental reason and criticizes contemporary societies through an exploration of the violent relation between life and the cycles of nature. In his work, organic forms arise threatening the arrogant human pride and the course of progress, while visual poetry ennobles human creations.


Rodrigo Ímaz, (México 1982)
MFA in Universidad Politécnica, Valencia, Spain. BFA in Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Both degrees graduated with honors. Individual exhibitions: “Ya no llueve” (photographs, 2009); “Sombra de la sombra” (graphic intervention, 2007); “Ecos de Juana” (interventioned fotographs, 2007); “Especulaciones” (2006); “La incertidumbre también es un motivo” (2006). Grants: ISCP New York, 2010; scholarship for Master Studies from FONCA and Colección Jumex (2008 – 2009).