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Roc Cayard

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Artist's Statement

Depression Kills. Depression paralyzes. Depression Sleeps. Depression is solitary. Depression is Hyper and Aggressive. The Art of Depression, is the name of my collection. Painting is my way of exorcizing certain thoughts,moods and feelings out of my body. I mostly use bright primary colors in my paintings because they have the characteristic elements to energize, uplift and promote a positive mood. Most of my painting are inhabited by characters that I refer to as ‘The Infected People’. Infected not by a disease but by the mood of Depression. These characters are painted with square spots that covers the infected characters body and these spots can be best described as wild electrons within an atom. When the characters’ mood is calm and collected, these electrons slowly fade away and completely disappears . .......(more at


Born in Montreal, Canada, Roc Cayard is the offspring of a Haitian mother and a Haitian-Dominican father. After spending his childhood years in Haiti during the early 1980’s , he and his family moved to the United States during his early teenage years as a way to escape the violence, kidnappings and political uprisings on the often unstable Caribbean island. Fluent in French, Spanish, Creole and English, creating art has always served as an outlet for Cayard’s experiences...........(More at