Robin Treadwell

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Boy with Ruff, hand-colored xerox transfer print, 7 1/2 x 11," 2010
The Weight She Fell Under, collage, 12 x 16," 2009
You Think You Really Know Me, hand-colored xerox transfer print, 15 x 20," 2010
The Wine-dark Sea, collage with ink on paper, 7 x 9," 2010
Figura Serpentinata, hand-colored xerox transfer print, 10 x 14," 2010
Artist's Statement

My works question the traditional view of beauty as always “good,” and, more generally, representation itself: the process of representing, the meaning of representation, and the results thereof.

Obviously, a representation is not identical to whatever is being represented. The subject of the representation has been rendered into an aesthetic object, the artwork. There is something inherently violent in this process (just think of the other meanings of the word “render”), and in the artistic (aestheticizing / objectifying) gaze. By unselfconsciously looking at / taking pleasure in a representation, the viewer is complicit in this violence as well. In my work I am constantly trying to remind viewers that they are looking at a representation, and implicate them in this process.


Robin Treadwell received her BA from Pratt Institute. She has participated in numerous group shows in and around New York City, including the upcoming RETROFUTUROLOGY show at Observatory. She lives and works in Brooklyn.