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Robin Cameron

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A miniature archive entitled Étagère-En-Valise
Spitting into the Wind Poster Edition
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One year and Two months of Feeling bad about myself
Abstract Drawing
Artist's Statement

Through my work I am examining an unfolding narrative of my own life in the media of books, prints, sculpture and video. My methods include narrative, coded autobiographies, full disclosure and personal mythologies.

My recent artist's book, Mind Maps, deals with the motivation behind art making. Mind Maps are elaborately constructed diagrams, rendered on a typewriter and connected with pencil lines. At the core, themes like Destiny, Fate, Art and Life overlap and branch out into compositions that shift context from broad generalization to the tangible.

Spitting into the Wind is a offset lithography poster that investigates the effect of Duchamp's infamous Fountain. Exploring the imagery created by Bruce Nauman that bears the same name, as well as song lyrics from Jim Croce's You Don't Mess Around with Jim the poster is a contemporary mix of references.


Robin Cameron is an artist from Canada, who currently lives in New York. She has shown her work in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, LA and Tokyo. She works primarily in drawing with an affinity for conceptualism & abstract expression. She has self-published several books including the most recently entitled 'The Story'. Her books were just added to the MoMA library's collection.